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SCM PC-Card GmbH, located at Reisgang near Pfaffenhofen/Ilm, develops, manufactures and distributes innovative and ease of use products in the range of "DataStorage", Interface Solutions, Digital Kiosk and stationary, mobil or RFID "smartcard drives".

Modular designed product lines, strategic OEM & ODM development and cooperations as well as quality of service strategies ensure high quality producs and a broad product range.

Beside common memory card form factors, SCM offers via DataStorage SIP, PCMCIA, SRAM and LinearFlash based products with optional Card Reader Technology and Software. InterfaceSolutions complement this area.

Developing interfaces for the Digital Kiosk (Audio, Video, Picture) area is part of our core business. With contact, dual interface or contactless Smart Card Drives including RFID / NFC will be a lot of applications adressed: Authentication, e-Health, e-ID, personalization ...

SCM PC-Card is equally relying upon support and high quality products of wellknown manufacturer like Identiv (SCM Microsystems, Chipdrive, Hirsch Electronic), Identos, Identsmart, CardAG, Aingineer Software.

Product portfolio
Multi Media Memory Cards (ATA, Linear Flash, SRAM, PCMCIA...)
I/O Karten (RS232, active sync, IEEE1394, In-Hand Scanner)
Communication (ISDN, GSM, WLAN, WiMax, Bluetooth,
IRDA ...)
Swap-Boxen (ISA, PCI, SCSI2, IDE...)
ATA Flash Reader/Writer (USB, Parallel, Firewire, SCSI, IDE, ExpressCard,
eSATA, adapterless, Multi I/O )
Smart Card Reader , Chipdrive
PC Card Adapter (Allin1, Xin1, Singleslot, Multislot, etc)
Adapter (Firewire 2 SCSI, USB 2 SCSI...)
Cable-Adaption , Patch-Cords
Cardware (AP-Soft)