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Support Package 60
Product description


Our Chipdrive support is
on vacation.

In the period
from December 17 to January 06
is limited support possible.

60 min Support CHIPDRIVE Time Recording

Support for
  • Configuration of existing systems

  • Reinstalling the system with transfer of possibly existing data

  • Questions regarding handling and Settings

  • Questions on: PC Time Clock, PC Time Clock Server, Password related problems, Permission related problems, License related problems

Changes to the software itself or bug-fixing cannot be offered by SCM-PC-Card GmbH.
With this support packet, you’ll get support for the system as is, up to and including version 7.5.0.

The bought amount of time is credited to your account and deducted in steps of 15 minutes.
After a support activity is finished, you’ll receive an email containing information about the used amount of time and the remaining balance.